Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking


Hey, it’s not all documentaries about death and/or destruction for me!  I got a great palate cleanser by cutting several episodes of the fun and stylish “A Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking,” which airs on PBS, and has many episodes available online.

Like an athlete who benefits from developing both the fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, it’s beneficial for an editor to work on a variety of content, pushing yourself to master working at different paces and in a variety of aesthetic styles.  You need to take a totally different approach to every aspect of your work, from the organization of footage to your workflow and editing pace.  I find that this keeps me challenged and fresh and each style adds to my toolkit for subsequent projects.

Moveable Feast combines learning novel cooking techniques and recipes with the experience of traveling to a wide variety of culinary destinations where you are taken through the personal process of some interesting local chefs.

I take great pride in the fact that I limited myself to only one food metaphor in this entire post.  Cheers!  (OK, two now.)