Congratulations to FRONTLINE, for 18 Emmy Nominations



I’m a bit late posting this but was happy to see a series that I frequently work for, PBS’s FRONTLINE, nominated for 18 News & Documentary Emmys for 2016.  FRONTLINE is always one of the best shows on television and it is a pleasure and honor to work with these great people whenever I get the chance.

I was especially (selfishly, sure) happy to see two program that I worked received nods.  “Being Mortal,” a critique of the medical approach to end of life care and a contemplation on approaching the mortality of ourselves and those we love with a focus on personal priorities and values in mind.  It was a privilege to work with the great director, Tom Jennings, who captured a nuanced portrait of the brave subjects of the film, who agreed to share their most intimate moments with the world.  It was also a great pleasure to edit the film with one of the best editors in the business, Steve Audette, whom I’ve admired for years.

The other film that I had a (admittedly small) hand in making was Ken Dornstein’s 3-part capstone to his decades long quest to track down the perpetrators of the Lockerbie bombing, which claimed the life of his older brother, “My Brother’s Bomber.”  I worked in various roles over a couple years but jumped on in earnest to help create the motion graphics for the film, bringing to life some of the mountains of document and photo evidence that Ken used on his quest.  It’s always a treat to get to see how other film editors approach their craft and this was no exception.  I was able to lend a hand to one of my other favorite editors, Brian Funck, whom I’ve known for years and we work for many of the same people but tend to pass like ships in the night.  The entire team was so passionate and committed to the project and their roles that it was a blast getting to jump aboard with them and help bring this epic project into port.