ElevateHer Vermont Mentorship Program

Hi – Kristin, here! We wanted to let you all know about a program that just launched. Over the last year, I’ve been working in partnership with ElevateHer Vermont to create a Mentorship Program. ElevateHer Vermont is local women’s networking group and social club that creates opportunities for professional women. The Mentorship Program we’ve created is a 3-month commitment designed to help women reach their professional goals.

I am truly passionate about collaborating with and creating community among entrepreneurial and professional women. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to collaborate with the ElevateHer Vermont founders to create this Mentorship Program. Mentorship has so many great benefits, especially for women. It helps us articulate our professional and personal ambitions, helps keep us accountable through our actions, and helps us build our networks.

Being a mentor is also an incredible way to give back to the community. As a community we have so many valuable insights and talents we can offer each other. I’m happy to field any questions you have about this program.

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