About Us

Located in the idyllic Green Mountains just steps from the Vermont State House in Montpelier, Well Told Films creates compelling video content for a wide variety of clients.  Whether your project is bound for film festivals, national broadcast, or social media, our focus is crafting beautiful, clear, and elegant stories that catch the viewer’s attention and gets the point across. Our clients include established television series such as PBS’s FRONTLINE and American Experience, multiple national cable series, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning directors and producers, world famous mountain climbers, local businesses, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies, and civic organizations. 

As early adopters of remote collaboration, we embraced the freedom of being able to work from anywhere and moved our company from Boston to Vermont in 2018, and perfected clear and streamlined processes for managing video production from beginning to end, with step-by step review and communication allowing everyone to be on the same page, whether from their office on the other side of town or their home on the other side of the world.

Kristin Cantu

PARTNER / Producer

Kristin is a taskmaster and storyteller, collaborating with clients to shepherd projects from concept to completion and through all the steps in between.  She is known as a go-to problem solver, who clients rely on to manage multi-faceted projects large and small with the ability to adapt on the fly to changing circumstances.

Chad Ervin

PARTNER / Director

Chad has worked in nearly every facet of video production: editor, writer, producer, director, animator, videographer, and story consultant. Chad oversees script writing, concept development, and anything that requires a computer or camera.

Services & Process

Every project has different needs and we have experience in every aspect of modern media creation.  We frequently help clients take an idea from concept through completed video, and just as often jump in to assist on one aspect as part of a larger team. In addition to creating videos and films we are able to provide consultation on communication strategy, social media, and documentary film story & creative concept.


Planning, scripting, and scheduling of the project.  Time spent planning in pre-production makes production and post production more efficient.


Filming of interviews, beauty footage, recording of audio.

Post Production

Footage, still photos, and music edited to bring the project together, using whichever professional quality app best suits the project. 

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