Coming Back with Wes Moore


Last fall I worked on a three part mini-series for PBS called Coming Back with Wes Moore.  The entire team was very passionate and really invested in the show, which sought to show the trials and triumphs of veterans returning to civilian life.

Our hope was that the series manage to show a wide swath of experiences and hew a nice line between the unsettling / upsetting hardships of reacclimatizing to life with physical and/or mental scars while also showing the amazing triumphs of will and perseverance that lead many vets to not only merely fit in, but thrive in this new chapter in their lives.  Here is a review from the Baltimore Sun.

My part was story editing about half the ‘characters,’ and doing fine cutting and finishing on all three episodes.  It was a really eye-opening experience personally and a great joy to work with this talented team, our guiding light always being the intelligent and compassionate vision of Wes Moore, the show’s EP & host.

All episodes of the show are available (for free!) to stream online and on the PBS app on your various devices, so check it out!