Coping With COVID: Jeremy Ayers Pottery & 18 Elm


Back in April, when we were all in the first throws of pandemic lockdown, we got the chance to speak with Jeremy Ayers of Jeremy Ayers Pottery and 18 Elm. We lost this interview in the shuffle of everything going on and are just now getting around to posting it … seven months later. We asked Jeremy to send us an update of what’s been going on since then, which you can find below the interview.

Q&A Update:

What is the status of your rental properties? Have you stuck to long-term tenants or were you able to figure out a way to do short-term rentals again?

Jeremy: We have shifted to from short-term to long-term rentals in both our apartments. We decided it was better to take 2020 off.

Are people able to visit your studio/shop in person? If so, when? Is it by appointment only? 

Jeremy: My studio and shop are open Monday – Saturday, 12-5pm. Distancing is possible in my space!

Do you have any favorite pottery pieces you’ve created lately? If so, can you provide links we can share?

Jeremy: I have a series of Urns that I have been making during Covid. Some are on display at the BCA Center in BTV through January. You can find them linked here

This holiday season I’m launching Mug Club 2021 in which customers can purchase a subscription for a one-of-a kind mug delivered monthlythe perfect holiday gift! You can join Mug Club with a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. Prices and details at

How has the new school year been going for you and your family? 

The school year has been a challenge. I had two boys going to elementary school two days a week on separate days. For about six weeks I had one of my children in the studio with me almost every day.  It was….a lot, but we survived!  They’re in school four days now.  I’m getting much more work done 😉